Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kapad Beach

Left Guruvayoor for Trichur to meet the Branch personnel for a review and then embarked for Calicut via NH 17. Retraced most of the route towards Guruvayoor & continued onwards to Calicut(Kozhikode in vernacular). Crossed Echery, Kunnamangalam, Kadampuzha and Kotakkal before taking a turn into Ferooke and reached Calicut around 3.00 pm and stopped at an air conditioned restaurant for a nice vegetarian thali meal. Next I checked into Hotel Taj Calicut the only 5 star hotel in town,which offers rooms at very reasonable rates. The distance to Calicut is around 135 kms and the journey took approx. 3 hours.
Was informed about an impending all Kerala hartal planned for the next day- in Kerala hartals are a standard feature and at 3-4 hartals are held every month. Hartals are planned for the flimsiest of reasons. Buses, commercial vehicles & autos were expected to be off the road. The hartal turned out to be near total in Calicut and the roads were totally deserted. All commercial establishments and shops had downed their support.I did not risk going out and remained indoors till late after noon. Normalcy appeared to be returning and many vehicles started boldly plying on the roads. I decided it was safe enough to go out and drove off around 4.30 pm evening to Kapad Beach a distance of 19 Kms from Calicut. The drive was smooth as the traffic was still thin. After a river crossing,we turned left off the highway and travelled around 5 kms to reach the beach. This stretch comprised mainly of fishing hamlets and there was lush greenery all around( thickly dotted with coconut palms) so representative of Kerala ! Truly Gods Own Country !
Kapad beach is an important location in History - Vasco de Gama landed here in 1498 thinking he had discovered America. There is a small insignificant monument on the road side to record this historical landing. In fact a monument so shamefully insignificant with such scant and shabby maintenence that Mr.Gama must be turning perpetually in his grave. Kapad beach in itself is a beautiful beach. Many locals and some visitors were enjoying themselves there - some had climbed the rock structure that jutted out into the sea, a few were enjoying a dip in the sea and others wetting their feet against the waves lashing the shore. Some young lads were zooming up and down the beach road in their spanking new 100 cc bikes, others were proudly pillion riding their lady friends. There is a nice resort on the sea shore for those who want to get away for the week end. Fishing is the main source for livelihood in this predominantly Muslim hamlet. Large fishing trawlers and small motorised boats with bright coloured nylon nets are used for fishing.

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  1. Interesting again! Sir, I asked Bhusha to gift me her travelogue as a big bound book for my marriage and I request you the same :D

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