Friday, July 10, 2009

Banyan Cluster

Ramohalli is a sleepy village located around 35 Kms on the Bangalore -Mysore Road in the southern State of Karnataka in India. The last 7 kms of the journey from Kumbalagod is a dirt track away from the highway. Ramohalli is a delightful but not so frequented picnic spot and has a large botanical garden containing the largest Banyan Cluster in Asia. This magnificent "monument" is protected by a flimsy fence, entry is unregulated, urchins freely gallivant inside, stray dogs & monkeys have free access too. This 3 acre premises is well landscaped and is maintained by Bank of Maharasthra. There is a paved pathway all around the garden & cement benches on either side. We learnt from the watchman that the Big Banyan cluster (Dodda Allada Mara in Kannada) is around 400 yrs old but the parent tree has already met with its tragic demise and its obituary written some years ago. This garden has the potential to be developed into one of the most attractive tourist spots in Karnataka - by building good roads, providing regular shuttle services & through proper publicity. This site is must see for any visitor to Bangalore.

Pictures:1-6 Various shots of the Banyan Cluster.Pictures:7-8 Other plants in the Garden


  1. these banyan clusters are unbelievable.. I have never been to that part of the world but i am seriously thinking of taking up that trip soon..

  2. I love the way that tree produces stilts. It's incredible to see how those supports work.

    We have one of those Banyans at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. I love the tree. Unfortunately, it's not a good tree to keep close to a house since the roots can travel great, great distances. In Bermuda, we store our water supply under our houses. A tree such as this would be very bad news.

  3. Interesting village :)
    Those banyan clusters
    are something for in a
    Harry Potter movie ..... LOL
    Its a very funny tree :)
    Thanks for the fantastic shots,
    I had never seen such a tree !!

  4. I would like to thank you for all your lovely comments.If you find time visit my these blogs also-
    Wonderful post.I have seen many banyan trees but this one is really amazing.Very interesting village with fantastic pictures.Well written.

  5. Wow!!!!! So beautiful banyan clusters :)

  6. Few years ago we covered Bangalore-Mysore -Ooty by road. I thoroughly enjoyed our journey. But we never knew of this garden otherwise we definitely would have stopped. Your post urges me to take that trip once again.

  7. Wow! amazing clusters of banyan. Have been to Bangalore but not to this spot. Must do when it happens again.

  8. Wow!!! I've to visit this place and pics are awesome :)

  9. We have many banyan trees in Florida. But I've never seen them outside of a swampy area.

    These are incredible and very beautiful.

  10. The Banyan cluster reminded me of my childhood days in Baroda. Have not seen such abundance of banyan trees ever again. Have not been on this route though. great pictures.

  11. Hello, I'm a newcomer. I had no idea a banyan tree was like that. Amazing. I thought at first the picture was upside down. Good photographs.

  12. What amazing trees! They really look very sculptural and must be wonderful to walk under and through. I love Botanical Gardens, and this one sounds very interesting.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

  13. Ram, the images of those banyan clusters are really amazing! Very nice the last two pictures of the flowers as well.
    About your question, yes, "July" is my creation.
    Have a great week ahead!

  14. first of all, thanks man for visiting and following my blog.. done the same..

    Love this scenic spots, so relaxing..

  15. Hi there, very nice site. Thanks for taking us to some part of India. I knew a couple of bloggers from India too..

    Got here from hubby's boat.. following your blog now and hope you can visit sometimes to my humble blogs..

  16. Ok... One more place added to my must visit list during my next trip to B'Lore...

  17. Wonderful pictures...thanks for sharing.

  18. Actually a very beautiful place. You've captured some really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing this informative and picturesque post!

  19. Namaste....
    What personalities those trees have. I can almost hear stories just looking at them. Can you imagine if they could talk the stories they'll tell?

    Love the pics, thanks for sharing have a good week.

  20. Hi Ram:)


    I always loved banyan trees. Once I even brushed my teeth with a banyan stick.

    I have never seen a cluster like this . It is amazing, mysterious and spellbinding.

    Many thanks for the excellent narration and fantastic photos.

    Best wishes Ram:)

  21. Smiling Hello Hindistan (=India) and Ram:)

    How lovely it was to hear a warm greetings from Coimbatore, called the "Manchester of South India"!

    The multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country of India has seen a lot of development. Now connecting with world people only with love and compassion. So is the country of Turkey. Both are multicultural nations:)

    And, I've always loved multicultural presentations and you'are giving everyone a wonderful show here! For sure, I'll be visiting your page to learn more and more because of its diversity.

    On the other hand, I'm a bit sad to hear that you know very little about Ist'l. You know the most aesthetic amalgamation of old and new, the East and the West and classic and modern are combined in Istanbul, say also in every inch of this country of Turkey. Well, I'll be trying more than the past to reflect its diversity here at CR, going for more marketing studies dedicated to my glorious city:)

    Before closing my todays note here, a breathtaking view of Istanbul greeting you now from the side overlooking the Bosphorus:)

    Thanks again and again for your encouraging words 'n looking forward to your next visits~

  22. Thank you all for the ovewhelming response.I shall attempt to keep my blog as informative and interesting as possible.

    Warm Regards

  23. nice writeup and neat pictures. though, i'd been living in blore for almost 9yrs now, i've missed the banyan tree cluster. guess i need to plan.

    ps: thnx a bunch for allowing open id comments. makes it very easy for non-blogger people. last time i was forced to comment with my malayalam username :) sorry abt that

  24. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing...

  25. This is a nice place with such a old and huge banyan tree. I had gone there 7 years back. There is a beautiful reservoir near by this place.

  26. Wonderful! I have never seen anything like that Banyan cluster. Looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  27. Wonderful photos! Banyan Cluster is really amazing!
    I would love to know your country!

    Thanks for your nice visiting on my place.

  28. Great post and a beautiful place to visit in the weekends.
    I did a post on this place some time back.

  29. Beautiful banyan trees and walkways.

  30. I would prefer it not to be a tourist stop if it becomes i fear the beauty will be lost as people definitely will irresponsible litter over there and all that comes with it.


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