Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glimpses of Kerala in Monsoon

On Sunday I took a trip to Palakkad district in Kerala. I drove from Coimbatore to Kozhinjampara, Chittor, Tattamangalam, Kollengode, Payyalore, Kunissery, Chathapuram,Kalpathy & Lakshminarayanapuram. I visited the Brahmin Agraharams in the villages in most of these places. The sky was heavily overcast & it was raining intermittently - in fact Kerala had been lashed by heavy rains for the past two weeks . The journey took me through interior Kerala countryside. There was lush greenery everywhere. One could see abundance of coconut palms, banana plantations, inundated paddy fields, rivers, ponds, paddy birds & glimpses of the Western Ghats (mountains). The atmosphere was exhilirating and energising. The scenery was magnificent & breathtaking. I could not resist the temptation of stopping my car ever so often to inhale the fresh air & take some memorable shots.


  1. Fantastic captures, Ram! Such rich, rich green! What a lovely trip! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty!

  2. Wonderful photographs. I enjoyed this post.

  3. What a gorgeous place. You took some wonderful photographs both of the landscapes and people.

  4. Some really nice shots, Ram. The first three of the paddy fields are so memorable. I also love the look of those mammoth swaying coconut palms Those lush, verdant leaves are such a tropical delight.

  5. I enjoyed this wonderful post.I have been to all the places in Kerala like Palakkad, Chairtala, Thrissur, Kannur, Calicut etc etc. While reading your lovely post and the wonderful photos I was thinking of my college days which I have spent in Kerala.I appreciate for your beautiful photography.

  6. Those are some beautiful shots mama :) :) I think Kerala is one of the most aboslutely beautiful palces on earth... no other place can beat it!!

    (Although this feeling could partly be because I am originally from Kollengode) Nice to know that you went there too :) :)

  7. wonderful pics. Kerala is an awesome place. In fact India is an awesome place..

  8. Absolutely Stunning!... Kerela is the one place I've been dreaming and still dreaming to visit :( Hope the dream come true very soon! Pics are just awesome Sir :)

  9. kerala indeed look its best during monsoon. i just luv driving around the hilly reaches (wayanad or idukki) during that time.

  10. Beautiful shots! The simple beauty of paddy fields never cease to attract me. So, when will the rains cease? Guess a lot of activities are curtailed.

  11. The green scenes are cool to the eyes.

  12. Great captures.
    Looks like our rice paddies.

  13. Kerala is so beautiful and green. Great pictures, my favorites are of the people working in the paddies.

  14. The most vivid green that I have seen in a picture, lovely work.

  15. Hi Ram!

    Did I tell you I am from Kerala ? I was born in Trivandrum and these gorgeous photos make me HOMESICK!!!

    Brilliant images. You've captured the essence of the monsoon!

  16. That was a great tour of the area. The green fields were most impressive.

  17. Ram, thanks for sharing these amazing sceneries! From your fine images one can really feel the exhilirating and energizing atmosphere and the fresh air of those charming places.
    About the flowers of my post, yes, they may be hibiscus or perhaps red geranium.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. I initially thought I would specifically mention those shots I loved most, but later realised all of them are beautiful.
    I specially liked the 4th pic and the one of the houses of the village. Vey quaint and charming.

  19. Hi Ramu
    I envy you for this trip and the photos. Wish I was there, specially that road and the houses along it in the village. Wish I could settle there and then Simbly do nothing.
    Girish Bhatnagar

  20. Good morning, Ram and Thank you for visiting my blog! These are such beautiful images of a wonderful place I might never get to see if not for you! Visit me again anytime. xxx kim

  21. Gods own country is always beautiful.

  22. Wonderful trip you had for all of us! I like the coconut palms, but, alas they will no grow here. I also like the pictures with people in them. Good work.

  23. Simply fantastic picures, Ramu.
    Reminds me to echo who poet who rhapsodied about England: "Oh to be in Kerala now that Monsoon is there!" ( Oh to be in England now that spring is there! That is what he said.) Glad you are taking time off to soak in nature in its pristine beauty.

  24. These photos are fascinating. They transmit a lot of the lushness, the colourfulness and the breathtaking scenery mentioned in the text. To experience the sounds and scents, I guess we still have to go to Kerala.

  25. Good morning from California. Thank you for visiting today (via Ash's blog) It's always nice to make new friends.

    I enjoyed going through your blog. Such a fantastic and personal record of your country as seen through the eyes of a countryman, not a tourist.

    I'm happy to read that you have been to the Grand Canyon. It is one of those not to be missed places on the planet.

    Be well,

  26. Hi Ram:)

    Gorgeous photos! Spellbinding! Breathtaking!

    Kerala looks fantastic through your lenses. Not that I have not seen Palghat in the rains but through your photos it is amazing. No wonder Kerala is called GOD'S OWN COUNTRY.

    But the scene in Kochi is not the same. It becomes ugly during the rains like any other city. Water logging, pot holes on the road, traffic congestion, scramble to get into the bus, pollution etc.

    I had some good friends from Kalpthi- Venkata Seshan, Anantha Raman and Gopalsamy. I have lost touch with them.

    As regards your query in my post, the Dutch Palace is in Mattancherry and the Dutch Cemetery is in Fort Kochi. The rain is taking some rest now:)

    Have a wonderful day Ram:)

  27. You have captured amazing images. my first time on your blog, it is gorgeous
    I travel a lot and just love these pictures!!

  28. @Sylvia: Thanhs for your generous comments.
    @Valerie: Thanks for visiting. Please visit often
    Carver: Thanks for your appreciation
    Prospero:Glad you like the photographs.
    @Phillip: Thank you friend.You shall be my guide when I travel to Cyprus !
    @Babli: I am happy that your nostalgic memories about Kerala were kindled.
    @Ishwarya:Are you a Kerala Iyer too ?
    @JD:Thanks.Keep visiting often.
    @Sowmi:Thanks.I offer to be your guide for Kerala !
    @USansandeep: Thanks.Looks like you have travelled a lot in Kerala.
    @Sunshine Girl: Thanks for your appreciation.
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    @Mojo Arasu:Thanks
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  29. @Ash:I presumed you are a Keralite.Didn't know you hail from Trivandrum.Coincidentally I am from Trivandrum too !
    @Janie: Thanks for your nice comment.
    @G: Anna.Thank you for your comment.
    @Pietro:You are very generous with your appreciation!
    @Raji: Thanks.
    @Aparna: Glad you like them all
    @Girish: How is life post Railways? You are welcome to Kerala anytime. I can be your guide.
    @Kimberley: Thanks for dropping by.Please visit often

  30. @Lazyclick:Yes you are right!
    @Leo: Why dont you plan a trip to Kerala ?
    @Lakshmi: That was very apt Quote from an English poet
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  31. I have travelled to India more than 10 years ago. It was an unforgettable trip. Your blog inspired me to travel India again..

  32. Kerala is a place, that's amazing in all seasons... In monsoon it's an added feather to the cap... Lovely place and a lovelier post...
    Ram Sir, you're too good... :)

  33. Th green rice fields rmember me of the ones I saw in Bali; fabulous green!

  34. could you please tell me the locality of each photo please?
    i could identify only Payyalore Sri Krishna Temple and the agraharam. thank you very much for the nice photos.

  35. Cannot wait to come back to India and make a trip down south ! What a fantabulous collection of photos there ! Could almost smell the fresh air !

  36. Fabulous photographs of verdant fields and some inundated crops that makes one yearn to visit these places.It is good to note many well known villages retaining their old world charm in your itinerary.I wish you had given caption for the two agraharam pictures.Thanks a lot.