Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parambikulam Wild life Sanctuary - Part 2

Here are the balance pictures taken at Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary:
1. Thunakadavu Dam View taken from an elevation enroute to Parambikulam Dam
2.A blissful shot of yours faithfully & Shobha my better half
3,4,5,6: Pics taken at Parambikulam Dam
7,8 :Refreshment Zone: Tea Stalls carry exotic names like Maruthu, Chandanam, Thekku, Veetti, Veppu etc ( all local names of trees)
9,10 : Parambikulam Area
11. Another group of deer grazing
12. Checkpost at Sanctuary exit
13. Bamboo Grove at Top Slip
14. Archway enroute from Top Slip to Pollachi on return trip.


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