Friday, February 24, 2012

Vijaya Health Center Chennai

My dad,aged 96 years, fell down in the bathroom and suffered a fracture in the hip bone about a month ago. He underwent a surgical procedure called hemiarthroplasty - ie.replacement of the ball in the femur with an alloy metal ball. This was done at the Vijaya Health Center Vadapalani. The surgery was carried out at the Vijaya Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics( a part of Vijaya Health Center) headed by Dr.Rajasekhara Reddy, Director of the Institute. Dr.Reddy is a short,stocky,simple looking man with tremendous surgical experience and impeccable manners. I flew down from Coimbatore to Chennai to be with my dad during the surgery and the post operative recovery. I ended up spending nearly a week in the Hospital Campus. As usual I could not resist taking my camera around and snapping up a few shots.
1.B.Nagi Reddy Memorial
2.Statue of B.Nagi Reddy who founded the Vijaya Group of Hospitals in 1972. This includes Vijaya Hospital, Vijaya Heart Foundation & Vijaya Health Center. Nagi Reddy was a well known Tamil & Telugu film producer during the 40-50's. The premises where he founded the Hospital was earlier a famous film studio - The Vijaya Vauhini Studios.
3.Close up of the beautiful sunflowers flanking Mr.Nagi Reddy's statue
3. A Standard Herald Car displayed in the Memorial - A Vintage car which was manufactured during the 60-70's by Standard Motors near Chennai in collaboration with a British Company. The company has since wound up.
5.A beautiful vase displayed in the memorial
6.Sign Boards in the Hospital Campus
7.The Reception Center
8.The CT Scan Center
9.The Building housing the Vijaya Institute of Trauma & Othopaedics
10. Another campus building
11.The Nephrology Center
12.Close up of the landscaping
13.The 24x7 Pharmacy
14. Out patient department
15. Temple of Ganesha - where prayers are offerred
16.Statue of Dhanwantari - God of Good Health
17.Lovely pink bougainvillea atop the Ganesha Temple
18.Statues of Brahma & Vishnu outside one of the wards
19.Wastage Disposal Bins
20.System of waste disposal explained below
21.Beautiful clock tower welcomes visitors22. Closeup of the clock which a Kerala style tiled roof
23.A nurse dutifully administering a patient ( My Dad !)
24.The Nurses Station - The nurses are always cheerful & smiling.
25.The security guard who stands vigil outside the Intensive Care Unit - he too is ever smiling & obliging & most helpful

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tapovan Sr.Citizen's Home

Tapovan Senior Citizens Home is situated in serene surroundings at Madampatti a small scenic village about 20 Kms from Coimbatore on the Siruvani Road. The Manager of the home Mr.Mani has been inviting me for a visit for more than one year. So I finally decided to drive down there on Sunday evening. I am presenting below some pics that I took. The environment is fresh & healthy with a lot of greenery & the Western Ghats in the back drop. I met some Senior Citizens living there and they appear happy & cheerful. The home recently bought two German Shepherd pups ( they are both around 4 months now). They are both males - Ninja & Nova. Once they grow up to become full fledged and fine specimens their services will be utilized to protect the one and half acre property.

Banana Plantation
Entrance driveway to Tapovan
Shrubbery at Tapovan
Rice Fields & coconut palms
Nice Cottages

Sunset at Tapovan
A Happy Sr.Citizen
Happy Sr.Citizen & his daughter
The dog trainer
The trainer with his wards Ninja & Nova


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