Monday, November 27, 2017

Thirumurthy Falls, Udumalpet

The 1 Km trek from the base of Thirumurthy hills to reach Panchalinga Falls was pleasant. Surrounded by tall towering hills,lush greenery everywhere, amazing rock formations,exotic trees,the sound of the stream meandering downhill of the falls & racket of rhesus monkeys waiting to pounce on unsuspecting visitors to snatch away a satchel of food or your precious camera. A shower in the thundering Panchalinga falls was exhiliratingly divine.This place is a must visit. Pack your bags NOW for a day picnic from Coimbatore.(100 km)y .
Thirumurthy hills is quintessential of the irresistible pulchritude of Udumalpet !

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Amaravathy Dam - Video Clip

Video clip of the astonishingly beautiful Amaravathy dam & reservoir will capture your imagination & blow your mind and breath away. It happened to be a hot and sunny day hence the boatmen were missing.If you look carefully at the video you will observe colorful coracles (parisols) parked on the slopes of the dam bund

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Amravathy Sainik School - clicked enroute to Amaravathy Dam. Surrounded by so much of natural beauty the students must be really enjoying the environment here. Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar, was started in 1962 as part of the Sainik School society. It was called Sainik School, Madras (SSM) until 1975. Sainik School, Amaravathinagar, was formed with the objective of training cadets to join the National Defence Academy - NDA (NDA provides combined training for the cadets entering into all the three forces in India). Indian naval academy (INA) which provides training for the naval cadets entering into the Indian Navy.
Students are selected through an entrance examination (All India sainik school entrance exam-AISSEE) for the entry into 6th and 9th standard and the selected candidates are given public school education. The cadets with leadership skills are trained to become officers in the Army, Navy and AirForce. Only Indian citizens are eligible for entry into the school.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Thirumoorthy Dam (also spelt as Thirumurthy) is 20 kms from Udumalpet on the highway from Palani to Coimbatore.  The dam has been constructed adjoining the Thirumurthy Hill. This scenic dam is close to the Amalingeswarar Temple; close by are a perennial stream and a waterfall. The scenery here is breathtaking.
View from the top of the Dam
View of the power house & transformer
Some astonishing rock formations

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mira & Nanditha at Universal Studios -LA

Here they are posing with their favorite characters. So nice to see their excitement and happiness. The eleder one is Mira and the younger Nanditha. Yes they are both my amazing grand daughters.


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