Thursday, December 6, 2018

Snowfall in Boise

Sunday 2 December 2018: Woke up to witness an amazing spectacularly breathtaking phenomenon. Overnight Boise had experienced its first snowfall of the season. The snow had arrived unannounced and the entire landscape was was swathed in white. A magnificent & mesmerizing view outside with snow flakes continuing to fall. This intoxicating view was a bonanza for us, an unexpected bonus as snowfall normally occurs in Boise only around end December or January.We considered ourselves fortuitous.Our unpretentious grandkids were quick to pounce on the opportunity to build a snowman complete with hat scarf carrot & buttons - a heart warming sight.
I scurried around agog with excitement from window to window like a man possessed - entranced, enraptured & enthralled clicking away and capturing stunning & staggering pictures.
Later in the morning we decided to drive through down town and up the Bogus basin - a ski resort located at an elevation of 5000 ft.The drive was captivating - The snow spattered road a bit treacherous with a mix of ice snow and water.The car had a tendency to skid & slide but with the adroit driving skills of the calm and composed Rohit (son in law) negotiated the gradients and the serpentine climb without fear or trepidation.
The views outside were indeed tantalizing - the hills the dales and valleys were all ubiquitously covered in snow. Young kids were attempting to cascade down small slopes on sleds while more audacious adults ascended to greater heights with skis on their shoulders.
We saw confounded squirrels scampering around.The snowfall had caught these animals unawares too - it was too early to hibernate. We encountered fog enroute which reduced visibility. The car occassionally juddered and careened diagonally across the road but Rohit was driving with alacrity and his control was astute.
The atmosphere was suffused, surreal & tranquil.We felt an extraordinary exuberance hitherto unknown. Is this utopia ?



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