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Ettukudi - Tiruvaimur

8 March'2008:
Ettukudi: This ancient Subramaniar temple is located 40 km south west of Nagapattinam and is easily accessed from Tiruvaru. It has been revered by the hymns of Arunagirinathar. The name Ettukudi is derived from the Etti trees which dominated this area. The name Ettukudi is derived from the fact that this shrine is surrounded by Shivastalams in all eight directions.This temple is linked closely with Sikkal and Enkann through the legend that the images of Skanda in all three of these shrines were made by the same sculptor. This shrine is closley tied to the legend of Ardhanareeswarar, and Parvati's performance of Kedara Gowri Vratam, to become a part of Shiva. No Tevara Patikams exist for this shrine though. Valmiki is said to have worshipped here.
The sanctum enshrines an imposing image of Shanmukhar with 6 faces, seated on a peackock mount. There are also shrines to Sundareswarar and Anandavalli here. Other shrines here include those to Mahalakshmi, MahaVishnu (Venkatachalapati), Natarajar, and Valmiki Munivar.This image of Skanda in the sanctum is an exquisite one. The entire image is supported only by the 2 legs of the peacock mount.
The theertham here is Saravana Poikai and the stala vriksham is the vanni tree.
Tiruvaimur is located at a distance of 24 km south east of Tiruvarur. This shrine is regarded as the 124th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola Region south of the river Kaveri.
Shiva: Vaimurnathar, Ambal: Paalinum nan mozhiammai, Ksheeropavachani, Vriksham: Palaamaram, Theertham: Surya Theertham, Patikam : Sambandar, Appar. This Tevara sthalam is one of the 7 Saptavitanka shrines of Tyagaraja associated with the Mucukunda legend of Tiruvarur - Neelavitankar, Kamala Natanam.
Legends: Surya is said to have worshipped Shiva here.
The Temple: This temple occupies an area of about 2 acres and it has a single prakaram and a beautiful 3 tiered Rajagopuram. Across from the temple is the Surya Theertham. The Navagrahams are in a single file as in Tiruvarur. Nataraja's tandavam here, is known as Madhya Tandavam. The sun's rays illuminate the sanctum on the 12th & the 13th days of the Tamil
month of Pankuni. The Rishabha Dakshinamurthy shrine here is of significance
The Vedaranyeswarar and Tyagarajar shrines are located to the North and to the south of the sanctum. The bronze image of Karaikkal Ammaiyar is of great workmanship. Legend has it that Tirunavukkarasar was directed by Shiva in one of his visions to visit this shrine, Sambandar is believed to have visited this shrine with him.
The original brick and mortar temple was reconstructed of stone during the reign of Vikrama Chola, just prior to 1130. Inscriptions from the period of Rajadiraja II, Kulottunga III and Rajaraja III speaking of grants made to the temple are seen here.
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  1. The information are really good about Ettukudi and is is not sufficient if you could provide more and exact information about ettukudi and the sculptour who made this shire is more valuable.

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