Saturday, October 14, 2017

KRG Family Reunion - The Lake Palace Resort

After a memorable cruise on board the Rainbow Cruises we arrived on the evening of 20 May 2017 at The Lake Palace Resort. We were received by the welcome committee of the resort and taken to the reception area where we were greeted by smiling hostesses, tender coconut water & cold towels.We were all then shown to our independent well furnished exotic cottages. Generally we were all tired and majority of us just dropped down on to the comfortable cushiony beds for some shut eye,power nap or whatever else you wish to call this.

Meanwhile comments were pouring in from those in the family who could not make it to the reunion:

Dinu: Wow nice boat & yummy food.Missing the fun.Hope kids are representing us & makingn up for our absence.
Prathima: Missing u both Dinoo Priya !
Niru: Amazing pics ! We are missing the fun too !
Manju:Nice pics.Missing the fun.
Shanthi: All pics fabulous !
Dinu: Jayaram chittappa has lost a lot of weight since Guhans wedding. Tips please.
Anu: Nice pics ! Lovely photos mama !
Ranju: Thanks for sharing pics.So beautiful. I am really missing out. Have a fantastic time.
Ramu: Jayaram officially declared the bar open and also acted as head bar man serving choice Golden Apple Vodka. The Cruise cocktail - Elaneer & vodka.
Dinu: Oh wow ! Nice description and photos.Couldnt see a big family selfie.
Vivek: Looks like everyone is having a boat load of fun.Wish we could have been there.
Vinod: Just finished swimming at the resort !
Malavika: Am sooooo sorry guys,I couldnt make it.I was looking forward to meeting you all.I got caight at work. I had to come to Bangalore.....have fun !
Vinod: We can meet in Bangalore and continue the party from Tuesday onwards !
Ramu: A beautiful resort in picturesque settings & idyllic surroundings ! Golf buggies to transport senior citizens !

Here is the link to all the voice messages sent by Jayaram on the Family Whatsapp Group:

 To be continued..............


  1. Superb settings indeed! And I like the vehicles transporting senior citizens.

  2. Namaste and blessings......
    great that you are able to connect and reconnect.

    make the most and the best of it all.



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