Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Memorable Trip to Mahabalipuram - Krishna Mandapam

From Pancha Rathas site we drove past the Lighthouse to the site of the Krishna Mandapa. This monument is in fact a series of bas reliefs of the Pallava period depicting Lord Krishna lifting the mount Govardhana. A structural mandapam has been added in the front during the 16th Century AD. The primary scene depicts Krishna lifting the mountain to protect the cowherds and gopikas from the thunderstorm created by Indra.The Gopika is holding a slew of pots & a bundle of fodder, the wood cutter carrying an axe, a cow being milked and all animals displaying a sense of calmness quite oblivious of the storm around them. Krishna ensures that life around is unaffected and goes on as normal. Adjacent to the Krishna Mandapam there is an unfinished rock cut temple with a Garbha Graha but without idols or any form of sculpture or bas reliefs. We took the opportunity of clicking some selfies here. Yours truly can be seen in of the pictures emulating Lord Krishna lifting up the Govardhana :)
The Lighthouse:The first light was commissioned in 1887. The lighthouse erected as a circular masonry tower made of natural stone became fully functional in 1904. India's oldest lighthouse built around 640 AD by Mahendra Pallava stands next to this modern structure. It is a protected monument and is maintained by the Archaelogical Survey of India.
Panoramic shot of the bas reliefs

Emulating Lord Krishna
Some fun selfies
Unfinished rock cut temple

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