Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rameswaram Teertha Yatra - 22 Holy Teerthams

18-9-2011: After the holy dip in the sea we proceeded towards the Eastern Vimanam of the Temple. It is customary for devotees to visit all the 22 Holy teerthams located within the temple precincts and bathe in the water. Accordingly we bought tickets for the Teertam Yatra and we garnered a young student to accompany us with a rope & bucket to draw the water from the Teerthams (wells) and pour water over our heads. The names of the 22 Teerthams where we bathed are: Mahalakshimi,Savithiri, Gayatri,Saraswathi,Sethumadhava, Gandhamadana, Kavatcha,Gavaya,Nala,Neela,Sanku,Sakkara,Brahmahathi Vimochana,Soorya, Chandra, Ganga, Yamuna,Gaya,Siva,Sadyamirtha,Sarva & Kodi Teertams. These waters are said to possess medicinal qualities.
Pics below tell their own story:


  1. Quite a descriptive post on Rameswaram.How many hours does it take to finish the snanam in all the 27 theerthams?Makes me want to visit the temple

  2. KP
    Thanks for your comments. The Teerthadanam takes around 45 minutes.

  3. This is a great blog. Bravo! I like your work very much.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the info..your blog is very informative.

  5. Interesting blog posts... I'm hugely interested in Hinduism and Buddhism - I believe there is much more wisdom in the religions of Asia than western religions, and that's coming from someone who's grown up in a mixed Christian-Jewish family :-)



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