Thursday, March 7, 2013

Down Town Boise

The Boise Library
During our four weeks stay in Boise we must have made around 4-5 trips to down town Boise. The trips were mainly to pick up from & return books  to the Boise Library. This library has a good collection of books on various subjects for kids & adults alike.Apart from this downtown has some impressive buildings housing Hotels, Banks,Restaurants, Churches, The Julia Morrison Park, Idaho Historical Museum & most importantly The Capitol which is the seat of the State Government of Idaho. Downtown also houses the Ada County Courthouse. On one of the final days of our stay I asked my daughter to drop me off in down town and come back & pick me up after a few hours. During this time I had a leisurely walk through the various roads & streets of downtown and here are some pics taken during this walkathon. 
I also attended many different trials at the courthouse on two different days.I learnt that in the US crimes are classified into: Infractions, Misdemeanors & Felonies.I saw both public prosecutors & defense attorneys in action. Prisoners charged with felonies were generally brought to court in chains. I was really impressed by the way the cases are argued and judgments pronounced. The entire proceedings are conducted in a very professional manner. In a couple of cases juries were in attendance. In such cases the prosecution & defense address the jury while arguing the case. I also observed objections from lawyers of both sides - sometimes sustained & sometimes over ruled. But frankly I did not experience any of the melodrama said to be created in court rooms by the likes of a Perry Mason or a Hamilton Burger :)
The Hampton In Suites
The Capitol Hill Avenue
An American Bank
A traffic intersection - and gorgeous flame colored trees
More flame colored trees on a side street
A beautifully cast bell - in front of the Capitol
The Capitol -  A stately building
More pics of the Capitol - Above & Below

A closeup view of the Capitol's Dome
A Church near the Capitol
A quaint old fashioned movie hall
A Fire Engine rushing towards a calamity
Beautiful lawns & enormous trees at Julia Morrison Park - Above & below
Various images of a Squirrel captured at the Julia Morrison Park


  1. Your photographs from the US are superb. The squirrels do not have the three white lines over them Obviously Shri Rama did not go there.

  2. So sweet that little washington squirrel! Hop you have a nice week Ram!

  3. Of course the squirrel gets all the attention!

  4. Look at those blue skies: what nice weather you had. And how interesting to observe the trials at the courthouse; I'm sure very few visitors to the US think to do that.

  5. It looks impresive and lovely set of pictures.

  6. Watching court producing sounds interesting... those buildings are impressive! The capitol’s architecture was fascinating.

  7. I noticed squirrels in the UK also don't have the three lines our squirrels usually have on their backs.

    Loved the pictures of the capitol and the description of the court proceedings! Thank you!

  8. Looks like you had a blast taking all of these photos, Ram. You did a good job.

  9. You had quite a walk through the area. Looks like a perfect fall day. As I think I mentioned before, I've never been to Boise, so appreciated very much these photos. I didn't realize it was such a fine-looking community with so many fine-looking buildings!

  10. Great tour of the downtown area.

  11. Your walk through the downtown must have been exciting! It looks a perfect trip with the beautiful weather!
    Green Tomato

  12. Magnificent buildings! You have captured them well. Nice post.



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