Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Innovative Waste Segregation

Mechanized house to house garbage collection at G.V.Residency Coimbatore:
Palani, the association's garbage man, collects garbage in segregated buckets fom all the houses in G.V.Residency (around 250 plus houses) and same is deposited in a central location. The association deals with the garbage suitably - bio degradeable garbage is converted to compost, while plastics, paper, glass & e-waste are independently disposed off to recyclers.
Earlier Palani was pushing a hand cart. Now he has been provided with an e-vehicle (battery operated) for faster and easier collection.Palani is a happy man now.



  1. That’s really good news! In our area (in Chennai Adyar) we have a garbage woman and she come pushing the tricycle, and once she shouts we have to go dropping the garbage.

  2. Like Jeevan says, a cart with red and green boxes come and collect garbage. We segregate at home and give them the bags, sometimes give them the baskets. They clear it and give back.

    The cart is not battery operated though. They are tricycles.

  3. Good to note that segregation of garbage & collection in different coloured bins is being followed in Chennai 👍👍👍

  4. That is a great idea. I like to see the garbage man smiling. The e-vehicle he rides on reminded me of tuktuk I saw in Bangkok.



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