Friday, April 1, 2016


From Pichavaram Mangroves we visited Chdambaram township and worshipped at the famous Nataraja Temple. After spending close to 90 minutes there we had lunch at "Saradarams" and proceeded towards the quaint and ancient villae of Tranquebar  or Tharagampadi as it is know to locals. It was an ancient Danish settlement.
The allure of Tranquebar is a wonderful yet seamless cultural concoction that has been brewing over hundreds of years - a beautiful mix of languages, cultures, races and religions. Two centuries of Danish heritage has left important cultural and architectural imprints which can be seen in colonial houses, churches, cemeteries, and most particularly, the Dansborg military fort.
Tranquebar was gravely affected by the devastation caused by the Tsunami in 2004. Private organisations and the government came together for restoration, developmental and social revival, and today this demure town is in the spotlight again.
The renovated Danish Fort which was severely damaged during the Tsunami of 2004. The fort also houses a museum and the jail where criminals and offenders were kept captive.
Beautiful colonial building and scenic landscape by the sea
The Ter Centenary Memorial
Ziegenbalg's achievements


  1. Feels so good to read your blog after a long while! An alluring place.

  2. Wow! Great to see the fort getting new coat of paint and pavements and doors for the warehouses/cells… I had been there in 2012 and it was a memorable visit. Though tsunami struck the fort, it stood very stronger against the tide and survived without much damage to the structure, but losing a protective wall.

    Nice capture on the place and you could get more picturesque shots from the beach front as well.

  3. I like the Ziegenbalg memorial in that ancient Danish colony - the list which starts with the words 'the first'. It appears the german born missionary to India was the first to do a lot of good and important things.

  4. Wow Namaste!\
    It has been ages, I found myself wondering what has happened to you. Of course I know you are a grown man with a family and life. I just got use to your almost biweekly entries as well as your weekly visits to my blog which suddenly stopped rather abruptly. Well welcome back and as per usual thank you for taking me along on your trip and sharing.

    Stay blessed.

  5. Nice to know that the fort has been rebuilt.
    The colonial buildings look very charming.



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