Saturday, January 25, 2020

Republic Day

India became a Republic 70 years ago today. Dr.Rajendra Prasad was appointed the first President. We are today the World's largest democracy. There have been no coups unlike in our neighboring countries and the military continues to be a disciplined outfit. No dictators, despots or autocrats only democratically elected governments. We have remained largely secular and many social, political & economic reforms have been successfully effected. Several social ills however remain in force like corruption, caste discrimination & reservations for minorities. However people retain freedom of speech, right to protest and to seek justice in courts of law. Huge progress have been made in virtually all sectors of the economy be it manufacturing, healthcare, IT or education. But the disparity between the rich and the poor remains and the gap is only widening. Moral values have eroded and ethical practices are dwindling. There is growing intolerance both amongst the political class as well as public.
The country is facing increasing pollution levels due to indiscriminate growth & largescale deforestation. As a result of global warming the country is witnessing disastrous climatic conditions like tsunami, large scale flooding of cities, extreme summers with consequent  spread of dreaded diseases and viral infections of epidemic proportions. Indiscriminate deforestation and uncontrolled development has also led to erosion and near extinction of several species of wildlife.
India remains religiously and culturally diverse and has such a rich heritage and history. A wide divergence of languages & traditions and an array of cuisines and multitude of ancient monuments. There is so much to see and experience. India is an amazing country and notwithstanding such wide diversity there is astonishing unity. It takes only a victory from our boys in blue to bring the nation to its feet as one composite nation applauding her heroes without considerations of religion, caste, creed,customs, language,cuisine.


  1. The intent to carry forward the country to a prosperous,strong and caring nation is very much there.Greatness will automatically come if we work forward in a spirit of unity amid diversity and make progress anchored by shared values of probity,selfless service and the well being of all. Happy Republic day.

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  3. The newspaper front page is very interesting!tobacco and toilet soap ads.. fireworks 😀



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