Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sri Dattatreya Anjaneya Temple, Aluva

17 January 2020:
Visited the Sri Dattatreya Anjaneya temple in Aluva. There are sanctums for Dattatreya, Karyasiddhi Anjaneyar & Patala Panchamukha Anjaneyar. A temple with a difference it has colourful and artistically done paintings on temple & sanctum walls.The temple is like an oasis with neatly manicured lawns and mesmerizing lighting. People offer coconut pooja to the Karyasiddhi Anjaneyar. There is complete silence inside the temple and you feel enveloped in feelings of piety and sanctity. The recently consecrated Panchamukha Anjaneya kshetram is mystifying: The idol is installed subterranean and has faces of Anjaneya,Garuda,Aswa,Narasimha & Varaha. For more details log onto:


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