Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Wedding Trousseau & other Short Stories

The author of this book Ankita Sharma was kind enough to courier me a copy of this nice light paperback for my review and comments.I agree I took a little longer to read this beautiful little collection but then I read it quite slowly and langurously and with focus on every word line paragraph and page. If I have been given the  responsibility of reviewing a book I have to do a proper job of it and accord appropriate justice to the writer.

First thing I liked about the book is the attractive pink cover page and the eye catching title "The Wedding Trousseau" in rich burgundy color. The book is quite light around 130 pages and the fond size sufficient for a comfortable read.You can also hold the book with one hand between thumb and index finger and turn the pages effortlessly while  comfortably ensconced on your couch or bed.

Coming to the contents of the book itself I note all the stories are simple, easy to comprehend and are culled out of real life situations. The author has scripted the stories using simple uncomplicated words in smooth flowing language easy to comprehend yet has skilfully applied her vast imagination and creativity to produce stories of suspense, romance,adventure,success,disappointments,arrogance,humor and a range of other human emotions that people actually encounter in day to day life. The reader there immediately relates to the short stories and easily connects with some crucial real life happenings or dreams in his or her own life.

Overall an excellent effort at short story writing with vivid descriptions and vibrant imagery with entrancing situations ! The authors mix of reality and flights of fantasy are to be applauded and I would straightaway give a thumbsup to this book which is suitable for all ages to read.

I wish the author Ankita Sharma a grand success for this book and also for all her future writing endeavors !
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  1. Thank your Sir for this lovely review! I am so gad that you enjoyed the book :)

  2. Your review makes one rush to get the book.I am yet to read and hope to do soon.
    I also join you in wishing the author great success.

  3. Nice review for the book, Ramakrishnan! Somehow I am not inclined to read books nowadays. Anyway, my best wishes to Ankita!

  4. I am also looking forward to read her... nice review and you sound versatile about the book. all the best for ankita

  5. I think each book has their own characteristic. There are those that require brisk reading, something with a cadence. And there are those that require time and patience and a bit of introspection. The book sounds interesting. :)



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