Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tirumala Tourist Spots - Sri Vari Padam and Chakra Teertham

Other places of tourist interest in Tirumala are:

Srivari Padam:Just about 5 kms from the main temple of Lord Venkateshwara/Balaji in Tirumala is Srivari Paadam. .Presently there are no bus services to the places and can be accessed with the help of private vehicles or jeeps for hire. It is believed that the Lord descended on the earth at this place and decided on the place where the temple is presently situated. The Lord's feet are worshiped at this point on the hill.

 Chakra Theertham is also a famous pond in Tirumala, which is located next to Silathoranam.This place houses a Swayambu Lingam. It is believed that when Lord Brahma observed grief at this site, Lord Vishnu plunged his Sudarshana Chakra for cleansing it.The Sudarshana Chakra then fell into a place, which later came to be known as Chakra Theertham. This pond is known for cleanse bathers of sins and lead them to the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. 
View of Tirumala hills from Sri Vari Padam @ 5 Kms from Main Temple
Sri Vari Padam-The Lords feet are worshiped here
Sri Chakra Teertham located near Silathoranam - You have to walk through a steep gradient and descend to a depth of around 150-200 ft to be able to see this Teertham
Landscape near Chakra Teertham


  1. beautiful view! You were lucky to have such a blue sky too.

  2. I haven't been that side; didn't know the place was so naturally blessed.
    I particularly like the rocks and the Sri Chakra Theertham. And the place looks quite unspoilt, too. Thank you for the sights, Ram.

  3. You got some beautiful views! I have been to the sri padam and i liked the way it leads through forest, where i see many big anthills.

  4. It looks like a beautiful and must see town with abundance of natural charm.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lovely pictures. Is it possible to cover all the tourist spots of Tirumala in one day?

  7. Ram,
    The Sri Vari Padam is beautiful.
    The terrain looks quite rugged.
    I wonder how people travelled to the temple or around these parts when there were no motorized vehicles. I wonder...
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

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