Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tiruvalanchuzhi Shwetha Vinayakar-Pasupateeswarar

14 December 2017: This was our final day of the tour. We had breakfast, checked out of the hotel and were headed back to Chennai. Our first stop was at Tiruvalanchuzi Temple near Swamimalai. Main deities are Kabardeeswarar, Brihannayaki and Shwetha Vinayakar.The temple is renowned for its shrine dedicated to Ganesha (Vinayagar, Vinayaka). The idol of Vinayaka is white in colour and is believed to have been created out of sea sand. Hence, the temple is also known as Swetha Vinayagar Temple.According to popular legend,Indra the king of the Devas created the idol of Ganesha out of sea sand during the churning of the ocean and left it in a niche in the temple hoping to get back the idol sometime later. But later, when he returned to remove the idol of Ganesha, it would not budge. So, the idol was allowed to remain where it was.
Shwetha Vinayakar
The pillared corridor to reach Shwetha Vinayakar
Pasupateeswarar Temple: The temple is one of the 70 madakoil built by 2nd century Chola king Kochenga Cholan.This is also a padal petra sthalam. The temple is known for the Panchabairavar, the five images of Bhairavar.The main deities are Pasupateeswarar & Mangalanayaki. The temple looks decrepit due to dereliction and dilapidation as a result of poor upkeep and maintenance.I have posted several pictures of the temple below. I particularly liked the black ferocious looking bull found tethered inside the temple.
1.Mada Koil or Temple built at a height to prevent entry of elephants
2.Pancha Bhairavas or Five Bhairavas (below)
Pancha Bha

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