Friday, December 29, 2017

Yercaud the Hill Station

27 December 2017: Yercaud is a  hill station 30 Kms from Salem and situated atop the Shevaroy hills. It is not as popular as an Ooty or Kodaikanal and less frequented by tourists. It has a small shrinking lake where boating is still possible. Apart from there is a deer park, botanical gardens, a rose garden, a Maha Meru Temple, a waterfall & some breathtaking view points like Ladies Seat etc. All these can be covered in a single day. Yercaud is most famous for its extensive and expansive coffee plantations which was introduced to Yercaud by David Cockburn the first Collector of Salem in 1820. You can walk around for miles and miles and see nothing but coffee plantations. An assortment of tall trees stand in the midst of these plantations like sentinels.The weather is superb throughout the year. 
We reached on 27 Dec 2017 and it was quite cold with chill winds blowing intermitently. You would be most comfortable wearing a jacket, jerkin or a full sleeved cardigan. Fortunately it was neither rainy nor cloudy and we enjoyed bright sunshine during our peregrinations around the lake.
The Guest House caretaker was a nice chap and fetched food for us from a nearby restaurant. He would bring it in a hot pack and serve us hot puris, idlis & dosas piping hot with sambar, chutney or potato curry.

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  1. I'm a coffee drinker, so I'm interested in coffee plantations and everything else regarding coffee.
    Your description of the place and of the weather is beautiful!
    The pictures of the lake and waterfront are superb!



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